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"To set the tone - we intended to start the leg work on which 2021 new hybrid we would buy and spend no more than $35K once we decided. We visited Mazda, Toyota and Mitsubishi. After 2 weekend's and not really in a rush - we brought from John Andrew Mazda a 2021 MX-30 Limited and spent $47K!

Why, well on the first weekend and our first stop we arrived at Mazda - their sales staff where all dealing with customers and super busy, but they took the time to approach me straight away and ask if I wanted to look at a specific vehicle, offered coffee or tea while we waited and they would try to make themselves available soonest. We had limited time so I booked in a test drive for the following weekend. We drove straight to Toyota and my wife as was interested in their Hybrid - no customers and 2 sales staff but not a single movement to ask if we wanted to look at anything. My wife then approached the salesman who [with little interest] ran us through the car and that was it. We thanked him and then drove to Mitsubishi - same thing there!

What happened at John Andrew Mazda the following weekend was Roland talked to us about who the MX-30 might be meant for and the purpose behind the concept - his manner was calming and informative NOT sales speak. Taking it for a drive and the usual discussion around the cost and financing with Lyle, meant that our decision was based on how he factored in what we wanted that finance to look like. Once we knew it was done, Sophie went through the process of how the vehicle would be released to us and it was like we were purchasing a Bentley. The entire process with Roland/Lyle/Sophie was non invasive, informative and pleasant! We were just ordinary people who had the ability to buy and we decided to buy that day because of the experience we had with this group of people. Exceptional really....even though we brought on the 14th Aug - Lockdown was the 17th Aug and with great hope I can pick up our new MX-30 on the 16th Sept if we drop to L3 Lockdown. I wont change from Mazda ever - and I don't even have my car yet!"

- Tai